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What qualities do you look for in a Real Estate Agent?

Posted on Oct 27, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

If I was in the Market to a buy Real Estate Today, I would look for the following: 

•1.      How responsive is this agent in the initial Contact?

•2.      How quick is the  response via e-mail or telephone

•3.      How is the agent’s Geographic knowledge of the area?

•4.      Does he/she have the Market knowledge, i.e.: number of listings on the market, number of homes pending, number of homes sold in the past three months.

•5.      Does he/she seem comfortable, relaxed, and confident and has a pleasant demeanor?

•6.      What is the real estate agent’s philosophy toward the market conditions?

•7.      Is he/she a Realtor?

•8.      Does this Realtor have the skills to properly represent my interests?

•9.      Does this Realtor ask questions about my likes, wants and needs?

•10.  Does this Realtor try to find out what my budget is and how will I pay for this home?

•11.  Does this Realtor offer suggestions based on the answers he/she receives?

•12.  Does this Realtor understand the Economic Principles and Condition of today’s Financial Market? 

Once I have a comfortable feeling to the above questions, inquiries on my part, then I know I have found the Realtor, who I want to represent me in the Buying, negotiating and ultimate closing of my home.This is just as important if I know the area or if I am relocating from some where else, then it is even more important.

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