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Dear Endre,

I like this card because it conveys my feelings. Thank you very much for all your hard work.  We truly appreciate everything!

Regina Kahanowitz
Gwendolyn Rheineheart

Dear Endre,

Thank you for your efforts in selling out home. Thank you also for finding and negotiating  the price and the terms of our new home.

See you soon.

Rene and Michael

Dear Endre,

I want to thank you so very much for all the work and effort you have put into the sale of our "Granito" lot.  It is most appreciated.  You are a very special person.


Sara Gordon

Dear Endre,

Thank you so much for your assistance!  You were a big help in making our situation easier.  We look forward to working with you and feel confident that you are looking out for us.

We will be in touch!  Thank you again and keep us posted if anthing comes up!

Stacey Koontz & Alexander Boll


I've been wanting to thank you for everything, from the beginning to the end, your patience and your time on my lot deal.  I really do appreciate it, and the deal wouldn't have made it without you.

I'm off for a short vacation the rest of the week and then we start final drawings when I get back.

Thanks - Enjoy.

Michael Rominski


Congratulations and thank you for everything.  You are a pleasure to work with: I hope we can work together again.

Best wishes for a great year.


Steve Dyce


Thank you for the sale on........You are a "PRO"

Best Regards,

Lynn Wilson

Dear Endre,

It was a pleasure working with you & your client. Thank you.

Yolanda Milan

Endre, You have been awesome, thanks a lot for going out of your way.  If I ever need an agent for a deal, or know someone who does, I will definitely give you a call.

Thanks again, Maurice