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Thank you for visiting this page of my website.  My goal here is to provide developers – seasoned or novice – with useful resources to help you with various aspects of your projects.  This page will be a work-in-progress on my end, as I will periodically add additional links that I think will be helpful.

And please be sure to view my current land listings (click on View Endre’s Featured Listings under the Properties Tab of this website) or contact me directly if you are interested in buying or selling land parcels.

And now for the links:

Visit The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety website to check on issues such as Contractor’s License Status; Zoning Codes; Setback Calculator; Permit Questions (when you need one, and how to obtain one); and How to Estimate Construction Fees.

Visit The California Coastal Commission website for information such as permit applications and regulations for development specific to building along the California coast.

If you are interested in Hillside Lots spanning the Santa Monica Mountain Range from Mt. Washington to Malibu, you will want to check out the websites for THe Los Angeles Hillside Ordinance, The Mount Washington Alliance Website, The Beechwood Canyon Homeowners Association and the Mulholland Guidelines for Design Review (also known as The Mulholland Specific Plan):

In order to get to City Planning(Los Angeles city & county) and/or if you would like Zoning information and Map Access(plat maps) this is a great site to go to: