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What is going on in Beverly Hills,CA Mon 3.2 & last night a 3.5 Quake?

Posted on Sep 7, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What is going on in Beverly Hills, CA? Monday 3.2 magnitude earth quake & last night a 3.5?

I have lived on the west side of Los Angeles for over 15 plus years, I cannot remember having an Earthquake in Beverly Hills, CA. Monday I woke up to a 3.2 magnitude earth quake around 3:37 am. Last night I was still reading on the couch 12:05 a.m. and I almost fell off the couch. Just to give you perspective Monday our cats just sat up from their sleeping positions. Last night they moved around and showed concern. OK I have been saying it is time to get the emergency or also known as Earthquake Readiness Kit together.  Let’s be realistic July 26th we had an Earthquake in Marina Del Rey, CA  now this week two in Beverly Hills. It is starting to occur way too frequently for my taste. Well let me clarify it, these occurrences are happening way to frequently close to home!


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Some people are of the mindset that a number of small earthquakes are good, because it releases pressure from the earth. Now keep in mind when I went to school I slept thru Earth Science. Now I wish I would have stayed awakeJ so what are your thoughts about this phenomenon?

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I am sure the Summer Tourist who came to Beverly Hills will have something to talk about when they go home. BTW in all fairness, no one was injured and no real damage reported and that is according to the Beverly Hills Police Department. So no worries everyone was safe!


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