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What can you do in 7 seconds? Well nature can do a lot in 7 seconds!

Posted on Jan 18, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What can you do in 7 seconds? Well Nature can do a lot in 7 seconds!

Twenty years ago today was what most people call the “Northridge Earthquake”.  On January 17 1994 do you know where you were at 4:31 am Pacific Standard Time? I do:  I was on the phone talking with my corporate coworkers in Van Nuys CA. Do you know where you were? I Do: I was in Boston, MA and it was 7:31 am for me.

Do you know what the temperature was that day in Los Angeles? I do:  it was 84 Degrees. Do you know what today’s temperature was? I do:   Today we had  an 85 degree temperature day  in Los Angeles.

We always banter that “it is earthquake weather” needless to say we also say that in October that it is “Rocktober weather”, generally these are “old wives tales”. Never the less it makes you pause!

Today everyone in Los Angeles and vicinity is remembering “The Day the Earth Shook” in the greater Los Angeles area. The real question everyone should be asking: Are you prepared for the Next One? Not are you prepared for the Big One?

The answer is clear :   YES  & NO!  The buildings have been reinforced, the gas shut off valves have been installed. The High-rise buildings have better stabilizers. So the construction has improved since 1994. I could go on an and on.  The earthquake has prompted numerous changes in the local building codes.

Then where is the NO come into play? There are still many weaknesses which have not been corrected. There are still man wood-framed apartment buildings that have not been retrofitted. How is that possible? Well let’s be realistic the way Retrofitting occurs is: When there is a sale of a property. If the property has not sold in the past 20 years the odds are safe to say, that they have not done all the Retrofitting to current Code!

water, earthquake preparedness, endre barath

Then let us look at the disaster preparedness kit of individual Tenants & Owners of homes and apartments, Condominiums? Do you have all the things that you needed to survive? Are you in a position to bring with you, water, food, clothing and other necessities for yourself?  The needs of your pets, food water, and personal hygiene for both you and your pets are they ready to be moved in an emergency?

kitty litter, endre barath, pet friendly realtor los angeles 

Well speaking only for me the answer is a resounding NO! We plan, prepare and then forget about it. Next thing you know the water gets used, the food gets used, because we become complacent and when “real disaster strikes” and we are not ready.  So with that said: The purpose of my blog post is not to be an alarmist; rather it is a reminder of what happened twenty years ago. In 7 seconds there were Billions of Dollars worth of damage and 61 people lost their lives.

earthquake preparedness, los angeles realtor endre barath


So a note to myself and others, time to revisit, and check out the “ Earthquake Preparedness Kit “ since the odds are you will not have electricity, cell phone or GPS systems functioning easy quick suggestion. Stop in to your local AAA and get yourself a map of your city. The odds are you are not as familiar to where you live as you think!


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