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What are your thoughts about Incentives to the Buyer’s Agent vs Incentives to the Buyer?

Posted on Oct 30, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What are your thoughts about Incentives to the Buyer’s Agent vs Incentives to the Buyer?

I have seen over the years Sellers and Seller’s Agents offering various incentives. Bonus to Buyer’s Agent, Bonus to Buyer in form of closing costs, additional or higher commissions to Buyer’s agent if full price or closing by a certain date. My belief has been that if you price a property correctly and market it correctly by strategically staging the home and exposing the home to all potential buyers and buyer’s agent the property will sell within the period the absorption rate allows for the type of home. I also believe that the higher commission is offered both Seller’s and Buyer’s Agent work more diligently to keep the transaction on track not letting it get derailed for the wrong reasons.

The other day I received an e-mail about an $8 million + home with a very nice brochure and this incentive. I would be interested on what your thoughts are? Let me know if I am wrong and where am I going wrong with my thought process? Now keep in mind this is a luxury home in Malibu CA. The home has all the amenities one would expect from an eight million dollar ocean view home.

Advertising Incentives for buying a home


Now if you are reading this and you are a potential interested party and you will want to be represented by me, I will give you the vacation package as a closing gift to you and I will keep the car.


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