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Troubadour, A Legendary Club in West Hollywood California

Posted on Apr 17, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


  As you drive east on Santa Monica Boulevard from Beverly Hills to West Hollywood. The first building you see on the north side of the street has this large script written on it


First thing you start wondering what the definition is. Then you wonder why are there so many people in line early afternoon wanting to get into this small venue?

 Then you say I must do some research and find out what is this place. 

IF you understand the English definition then you know that a Troubadour is: usually referred to a medieval poet or singer, a writer or singer of lyric verse about courtly love.

 So why is this name, here in West Hollywood on this building? We are not in the 11th or the 13th Century in Europe, so what is this place?

 Well to the music aficionados of contemporary music this place is considered the launch pad for many Music Icons. To name a few Elton John and James Taylor performed here early in their musical careers. 

 This place is rich in music history; many musicians started their careers here. The Troubadour opened in 1957 and I will just name a few to grab your attention. The Byrds performed their classic Dylan song “Tambourine Man” here for the first time. Joni Mitchell’s, Kris Kristofferson, and many others’ Los Angeles Debut were here. If I got your interest, then please check out the Troubadour’s website and enjoy the history.  better yet make it a point to go to this destination place and see a performance. Guaranteed you will be seeing the next generation of Music Legends

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