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Tinker,Taylor,Soldier,Spy by John le Carre the Book Review

Posted on Oct 26, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Tinker, Taylor,Soldier,spy by John le Carre the Book Review

In fairness to disclosure, I have almost every John le Carre’s books. This one, I read when it came out and the impetus was to re-read it, since the movie is coming out soon and I had virtually no recollection of the story. Well I am glad I re-read it. This book is the first of a trilogy that le Carre’ has written. ( I suspect had I not re-read the book I would have challenges following the movie)

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy by John Le Carre'

This is not a spoiler alert, because the story is simple, but you will be wondering who is the mole or double agent in the book during the entire time.

To me Le Carre’ book brings back memories of Guy Burgess and Kim Philby (double agents & moles of the British Secret Service) the quest to find the mole, the double agent. That is the mission of George Smiley the anti James Bond of the British Secret Service. He is not the glamorous, nor is he the sexy male spy that women dream about. He is the overweight and an out of shape middle aged man, for whom  you would not turn around twice if he walked by you.

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