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The Queen Mary: Long Beach, CA 90802!

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Queen Mary: Long Beach, CA 90802

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The Queen Mary has been through a lot in her illustrious career from her maiden voyage in 1936 to her retirement in 1967. In the beginning she was the premier way to cross the ocean between Europe and the United States. All civilized and affluent people would not consider traveling by any other mode, but the Queen Mary.

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Then came World War II, she was then transformed into a troopship and carried about 800,000 soldiers to their destination. By the end of WWII she was fondly called “The Grey Ghost”.

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After she retired in 1967 the City of Long Beach, CA purchased her and has become a Tourist Attraction from all over the world. At the same time a great revenue producer for the City of Long Beach, CA. Today, the Queen Mary is not only a Tourist Destination place but a Hotel tooJ This is truly a unique Steam Ship from a bye gone era.

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Here are a few pictures I thought you would all enjoy. This is a post of one of at least threeJ. Since not only did we go on the Queen Mary, but we also had lunch at The Promenade (one of the three Restaurants aboard) but we also saw a special Exhibit: DIANA Legacy of a Princess.


This is was not our first time here, I remember taking a detailed tour with my parents about seven or eight years ago and it was as if we were walking with them again. This time it was Diane, her father and one of her girlfriends. We did not do the tour, this time we wondered around on our own. We focused on the exhibit and the different levels of the Ship from the outside. Hence combined the two visits, we have now even a better feel of the magnitude and magnificence of this Great Ocean Liner.


Should you be in the Greater Los Angeles Area you would do yourself a disservice if you did not spend an afternoon at the Queen Mary.


1126 Queen Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802 800.437.2934


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