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The Playa Vista Condominium Market Report for the month of June 2011

Posted on Jul 11, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Playa Vista Condominium Market Report for the month of June 2011

Playa Vista Building 5625 Crescent Park by Endre Barath,Jr

The month of June was very active for me, many listing appointments, and a lot of viewing of my listings. Hence I am a bit late with my Market Report. As most of you who read my Market Reports consistently will notice that my focus is always on the Trends.

I have been reading a great deal about higher interest rates being on the horizon. This is based on the premise that, the Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easing (QE2 that it is referred to) has ended with the close of the month of June. The withdrawal of this support will leave the economy to stand on its own without any stimulus. Hence this could drive up Treasury rates. Hence this will potentially drive up interest rates.

Based on this major indicator I looking forward to find out, if this event pushed many fence sitting buyers off the proverbial fence. The fear of rate increase for getting a home loan should have pushed the fence sitters off.

Now with that said, let us look at how the Condominium Activity in Playa Vista, CA fared for the month of June.

The Active listings have had a slight increase over the previous month. There were 29 Active Condominium Listings on the Market.  There were 12 properties accepting Backup Offers. This was a huge increase over the previous month.  The Pending properties had an equally large increase there were 13 properties pending as well. There was no change in the number of properties on hold. There was only one property on hold status.  The most important indicator was almost identical to the previous month. The sold properties had a slight decrease over the previous month. There were 5 properties that were sold in Playa Vista, CA for the month of June.  I suspect the reason that was the case is, because now day’s lenders are taking more time before they are prepared to fund. I have noticed an increase in last minute double checking of the borrower’s work and credit worthiness. Interestingly I did the report for Playa Del Rey, CA yesterday and it is almost a carbon copy of what transpired in the month of June in both areas.

So if you would like to check out the previous months sales statistics please click on the enclosed links (published  February 2011) (published March 2011)

http://actvra.in7Vj (published April 2011) (published May 2011) (published June 2011)

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