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The Marina Del Rey, CA Median Condominium Sold Price month by month

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Marina Del Rey, CA Median Condominium Sold Prices month by month for 2013!!


The Marina Del Rey Condominium market has been very desirable and has been considered as a great value for the owners who like peace and tranquility. Especially if you compare Marina Del Rey to Venice, CA, where the later has been a little more congested and has a more active neighborhood with more restaurants as well as watering holes compared to Marina Del Rey, CA. Ironically at the same time Venice, CA has fewer Ocean View Condominium and Condominiums in general compared to Marina Del Rey, CA.

There were many out of area buyers, who werenot aware of Marina Del Rey, CA. The out of area buyers have always considered Santa Monica, CA for it its name recognition worldwide.

Dec-2012                          Dec-2013                      Change            %
621,500 672,500                      51,000 8

Looking at the Month to Month figures the numbers are very telling. The Median Condominium prices have increased by $51,000 year over year. That is an 8% increase. Clearly an indication that the Marina Del Rey, CA condominium market is heading in the right direction (see chart below):

 Marina Del Rey Condominium Solds month by month 2013, Endre Barath

These numbers clearly show that the desirability for Marina Del Rey Condominiums which have been prevalent in the past six or seven years. This trend is continuing and Marina Del Rey, CA is clearly on the radar for Ocean View Condominium Buyers who like a more tranquil life style, but still want to be walking distance to the water or maybe be only a five minutes drive to the ocean!



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