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The best Pilsner beer ever: Victory Pilsner in Beverly Hills, CA

Posted on Aug 20, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The best Pilsner beer ever:  Victory Pilsner in Beverly Hills, CA

I consider myself predominatly a wine drinker, but on a hot summer day there is nothing better than an ice cold beer.   My favorite is a good Pilsner. Normally I drink the “original” from what used to be Czechoslovakia and now the Czech Republic.  Always in the market for a new discovery, I went to  one of my favorite local wine store for a good Pilsner recommendation and the rest is history.

Victory Pilsner Endre Barath

I wanted a good Pilsner for ‘change of pace, variety’, and I saw a six pack of Victory Pilsner “Prima”. Having lived in Germany for four years, the German language on the carrying pack is what first attracted me to the beer.  So I bought it, and once I tasted it I immediately became a loyal fan willing to blog about it. If you love the taste of a good Pilsner this is the beer for you!

luxury homes in beverly hills,ca

Please do not be put off with the price, keep in mind you can hardly get a bottle of decent wine for this price.

Now about Victory’s Story:  two friends from grammar school, Ron Barchet & Bill Covaleski, lived separate lives and then join forces based on trust and knowledge.  They both learned the business through various stops, such as  the Baltimore Brewing Company, Munich Germany,  and Old Dominium Brewing Company in Virginia to name a few. They both succeed and decide it is time for VICTORY!

beverly hills luxury homes

Hence February 15, 1996 is the official beginning of the Victory Brewing Company. I am so glad they started spreading the “good word” via various wine stores and landed in the greater Los Angeles area. I can with good conscience say I had the best Pilsner beer ever! Who said Americans do not know how to brew good beer?

If you are not a Pilsner fan I am enclosing their website so you can pick and choose the beers you like. I would venture to guess they will be just as outstanding as my Pilsner.


 Victory Pilsner on a Hot August day

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