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Subway to the Sea: aka the Purple Line from Downtown LA – Santa Monica

Posted on Mar 24, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Subway to the Sea: aka the Purple Line from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, CA

After four or five years of planning, community activism the Metro Construction finally began their Phase II construction around end of March 2012.

Endre Barath Santa Monica Condo Specialist


Needless to say from this point on traveling on the West Side of Los Angeles surface streets just became a bigger nightmare effective this date. If it was possible to be more of a “Nightmare” Needless to say two years later huge progress has been made. The brain child of our Politicians is slowly becoming a reality.

endre barath, santa monica realtor, subway to the sea

Needless to say anything that involves politicians becomes suspect: Just to start with a couple examples:

1. Usually what they budget becomes an out of control monster. Needless to say we are resilient and accept it and just move on. So I will not even spend more time on thisJ.

2.  Why did the skip Beverly Hills & Century City?

I find it ironic that the purpose was to alleviate congestion and ease traffic in Los Angeles from Downtown to Santa Monica i.e.:  the Ocean. The idea is great and noble. The implementation a bit more “Suspect” at best. I have remained quiet about this project because I was too annoyed to even spend a minute writing about it.

 After all most commuters from Santa Monica, CA work in either Century City or Beverly Hills, CA so the biggest part of the traffic will remain congested due to the politicians who oversaw this project did not consider this big fact. It is funny in a way they all talk a good game, but when the rubber meets the road they are not walking the talkJ!

The good news is it will help the people who do not have cars from Downtown to Santa Monica and along the way to get to and from work easier. It will also help the Tourists who are too afraid to take on Los Angeles Traffic.  Needless to say most cars that are on the road will remain on the road because of this major oversight.

purple line, downtown LA to Santa Monica, Endre Barath

Anyway enjoy the pictures we are getting closer to the “Sea” i.e.: the Santa Monica, CA stop of the Purple Line! Oh and if you are wondering the “subway to the sea” is above groundJ!

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