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SOLD!!! Vacant land on Vera Canyon, Malibu, CA SOLD by Endre Barath!

Posted on Jun 29, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

SOLD!!! Vacant land on Vera Canyon, Malibu, CA SOLD!! by Endre Barath, Jr.!

There have been many challenging lots which I managed to sell over the years. This one was clearly on the top of the list.

The property has had numerous challenges: It was a hillside land, so the hillside ordinance has jurisdiction over the building process. The builders will need to prepare a Geology & Soils Report. Then there was a stream running across from it. Hence an environmental impact report has to be done to make sure how to protect the stream i.e.: a bridge has to be built. Then on top there were protected vegetation such as Oak Trees on the property so an Arborists report has to be filed and worked out in order to build i.e.: determine which trees can be moved and which ones have to be worked around. Then on top of all that the normal Natural Hazards Report has to be done to find out in which of the natural peril this property is located in and how to work around that.

Needless to say I appreciated the buyer and the buyer’s agent working through all these challenges. Then on the last second before it was to record someone put a Judgment on the land so the recording was pulled and the issues had to be cleared up. So a ten day all cash escrow took about 45 plus days to close. Clearly it was amazing what the Title Company & the Escrow Company did. This was truly a joint effort by all parties.

Oh and did I mention the Sales Price was $30,000. Often we end up working much harder for the smallest commissions. Never the less many people are of the mistaken idea that we make easy moneyJ

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