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Should you drive with your clients to properties or should you meet them there?

Posted on Dec 29, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Should you drive with your clients to properties or should you meet them there?

 This question always generates discussions amongst Realtors, experienced or seasoned, the answers are varied. My answer is: It depends on the situation.

 Does your client want to bring a child along?  I do not carry a spare child seat in my vehicle. I would not even know how to properly secure the seat. Just to mention a quick liability issue.

 Is it an efficient use of time? Is your client going somewhere else after it? Is it more convenient for both of you to be in separate vehicles?

 Is this the first time you are going out with them? Did you spend enough time with them previously? Or are you going to get to know them as you drive?

 The only time I find that there should be no option what to do is if you have a Relocation Client. Then the answer is they have to be in your car.

 Personally I like clients in my car, it gives me quality time to learn more about them in a personal as well as professional level.

 What are your thoughts?

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