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September 11th is here again! The day we swore we would never forget!

Posted on Sep 11, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

September 11th is here again! The day we swore we would never forget!

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I can still remember when friends woke me up to tell me to turn on the Television…. Our way of life has changed forever on so many ways and levels. I am still sad that this happened and question how human beings can do this to their fellow man. Further having served in the Military in a Combat Arms Branch I have no tolerance for the cowardly way the Terrorists main Targets were  Innocent Civilians. I do not mean to digress. The purpose of my post is to honor fallen innocent civilians as well as the Heroes who gave their lives trying to save the innocent civilians as well as their families who were left behind with the pain for the rest of their lives.

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In 2010 I wrote a blog post about the World Memorial Tour which started at the Santa Monica Pier ( ) their objective was very noble :  The mission statement of the World Memorial Group is”… to keep the memories alive and never to forget what happened….” They want to “…educate and teach truth and tolerance…” They do not have any political nor religious agenda.

Last year we remembered the 10th year anniversary of this tragic day ( ) it has still the same meaning for most of us today.


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This year I would like to remind us all of The American Sprit’s Resilience, which is quite impressive. Hard to believe that eleven years have passed, since this terrible day and many  millions of people have visited all the memorial sights  around our great country as their way of healing, thanking and remembering our heroes.  A museum is in the works which will hopefully be finished soon as well as Grand Complex which will replace the World Trade Center Complex with something even more amazing to honor our fallen heroes.


So keep your pledge and never forget! If you do not have time to go to one of the Memorials around the City, just have a moment of silence for those whom we lost on this tragic day!


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