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Photo of the moment in Marina Del Rey, CA: The 1933 Dodge Coupe!

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Photo of the moment in Marina Del Rey, CA: The 1933 Dodge Plymouth Coupe


We were out and about and Diane wanted to stop at CVS as we were leaving I saw this great car in the parking lot. Immediately rolled the window down and took this pictureJ



Marina del Rey Townhomes, Endre Barath,Jr.





Then this made me wonder what a car like this would go for? When I got home I checked on the internet and there was a wide range from $25,000 to $50, 0000. This made me wonder some more, what is the price difference and why if they are in similar perfectly restored condition?




After my research I found out that there were three different versions of the 1933 Plymouth Coupe.  The two-door sedan, the Rumble Seat Coupe and the Convertible Coupe and the reason is clearly supply and demand. The two-door sedan was had the largest production of 49,826 cars. This was followed by the Rumble Seat Coupe with 20,821 cars being made. The fewest were the convertible with only 4,596 being built.


This is clearly the two-door sedan hence it would be at the lower end of the spectrum. Never the less keep in mind if you parents or grandparents depending which age group you are in bought this car they would have paid less than $600. Now if they kept it their car would have truly appreciated in value. So who says that once you leave the Car Sales lot your cars value dropsJ ??


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