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Olives Mature in October: Check out this Olive Tree in Sherman Oaks,CA

Posted on Oct 21, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Olives Mature in October Check out this Olive Tree in Sherman Oaks CA

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Olives in the United States are mostly grown in California. They are typically green in color and they get picked in an unripe state. Then they are lye-cured and ultimately exposed to airs as a way to trigger the oxidation and conversion to a black outer color. Generally water curing, brine curing and lye curing are the most common way to process the olives. Each has a different affect on the color and composition of the olives.

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A typical Olive three will produce about 150-160 lbs of olives. Olive trees need to be pruned and taken care of including fertilized.


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Technically  olives are classified as fruits of the Olea europea tree (a tree that typically lives for hundreds of years) we commonly think of olives not as fruit, but as a zesty vegetable that can be added to salads, meat and poultry dishes and, of course, pizza. Olives are a good source of the antioxidant vitamin E, and they also contain small amounts of antioxidant minerals like selenium and zinc.


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Did you know that Olive Trees are sacred to Muslims and Christians? Jesus held an Olive Branch which is considered the Symbol of Peace even today!

Typically we think of Olives coming from Italy, Spain & Greece, little know fact is that the Olive Harvest is occurring right now in Israel & Lebanon as well.

I only use Cold Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Calamata Olive Oil for my salads and majority of my cooking.

Check out this great pictures I took of an Olive Tree in Sherman Oaks, CAJ


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