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Near the Santa Monica Pier:” Hot Dog On A Stick” a must visit destination!

Posted on Nov 14, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Near the Santa Monica Pier:” Hot Dog On A Stick” a must visit destination!

Millions of Tourists from all over the world come to Santa Monica, CA. They all want to see the Santa Monica Pier and the ‘beautiful ocean views’. It does not matter if you are staying at ‘Shutters on the Beach,’ the quintessential southern California beach hotel(  or you are driving from Hollywood one of the budget hotels to see the ‘beautiful ocean views’.

 Once you get to the Santa Monica Pier, you will notice the bright colors of this food shack. Their Trademark striped Cap with the colors, you cannot miss it. If you are not stopping in to taste one of their signature Corn Dogs on a Stick you are doing a disservice to your culinary palate.

Their Fresh Squeezed lemonade is out of this world. They make it fresh in front of you every two hours or sooner if the demand is high. It is made with fresh lemons and pure cane sugar it is just great lemonade.

Now for those of you who cannot make it to Santa Monica, CA soon, you are in luck. Since 1946 when they opened the first establishment at Muscle Beach they have grown a lot. They now have over 100 locations in 17 states.


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