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Lancaster, CA home of the Air Force Flight Test Museum

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Lancaster, CA home of the Air Force Flight Test Museum

One of my most memorable and surprising discovery came by accident as Diane and I were driving around Lancaster, CA. Long and behold we ran into Blackbird Air Park an Annex of the Edwards AFT Flight Test Museum.

The best part was that The Air Park is Open Friday through Sunday from 11am to 4pm. There is a catch it is subject to Volunteer Availability and Weather.  Weather is not that big of an issue here in Southern California, but Volunteer Availability is another story. Keeping in mind that The Flight Test Historical Foundation is a private organization. It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no government status. Hence it is mostly run by the people who were involved with the Test Flights.


We were in luck on all counts, there were Volunteers as well as we were there when Black Bird Park was open. I could have stayed listening to these guys talk all afternoon, keeping in mind that we had to be back on the West Side of Los Angeles by about six in the evening. So with a few interesting stories under my belt I will post a few pictures and might have to do a few more posts about Blackbird Air Park.


So if you thought Lancaster is only famous for Ground Zero of the Real Estate Meltdown you will be pleasantly surprised.

Just to give you an idea I saw the Lockheed U-2, the Lockheed A-12, the Lockheed SR-71 and ofcourse the Lockheed D-21 to name a fewJ!


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