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Inferno by Dan Brown, this book is a great summer read or anytime read

Posted on Aug 9, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown this book is a great summer read or anytime read!

Inferno by Dan Brown


I just finished reading the book written by Dan Brown of “Da Vinci Code” fame and many others this one was called ‘Inferno’.

dan brown' The da Vinci Code

If you think of the word “Inferno’ what comes to mind? For me, I immediately think of Dante’s Inferno of the Divine Comedy’s fame. If you think the same thing, then you will have a better understanding of this fast passed book.  The book is full of Symbolisms connected to Dante Aligheri’s Inferno/ Divine Comedy, the epic poem and this is blended with current Robert Ludlum- style Bourn Identity action style page turner of a book.


If you have not been to Florence, Italy, then after you read this book you will swear you have been there. If not, than you will have this urge to go as soon as your next vacation will allow it! Needless to say I hear there will be a movie coming out soon. The best part the main character of Robert Langdon will be played by Tom Hanks again. So it is like seeing an old friend in the moviesJ.


For me, it is your typical escapist story, when I read Dan Brown I am immersed into the story and forget life around me. Try it and you will be glad you read it. Soon you will be blogging what a great summer read it was and when the movie comes out you will be comparing it to what changes they made from the book and what they left outJ. BTW my book is a hardcover signed by Dan BrownJ.

If you have not read anything by Dan Brown check out his website and if you have read everything by Dan Brown still check out his website and you will be glad you did!


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