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Having the “Right Team” in a Real Estate Transaction is critical …

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Having the “Right Team” in a Real Estate Transaction is critical to a successful closing!

As I was reading a few blog posts today, I noticed there seemed to be a common trend: All good plans can be derailed or at least slowed by circumstances.  The better support we have, the less likely the setback will be long or debilitating.

In a Real Estate Transaction it is critical to have a good Escrow Officer who can keep the transaction moving smoothly forward with the various ‘events’ which could potentially slow down the forward progress.

It is also critical to have good Title Officers and Staff to clear up any issues that might arise during the Escrow Period.

Needless to say it is also important to have a great Mortgage Broker in the today’s ever changing landscape of the Lending requirements. I find that it is like traveling through a “mine field” now days, which could slow the process down or blow up the Transaction.

In addition there needs to be a good Transaction Coordinator to push the large volumes of paper forward to make sure that the Realtors did not miss a form in their haste here and there.

I also find that there has to be a good cooperation between the buyer’s agents and the seller’s agent as well to be able to maneuver through all the challenges that arise during the escrow period.

If it is a Home then a good Home Inspector is critical as well. Someone who identifies the problems the property has and is able to deliver the information clearly and precisely to the buyer and answer questions about how important the deficiencies are.

So where is a buyer to find all these key personnel? The answer is easy:  that is why a buyer has to have a good Realtor with a great Support Team! If a buyer has a Great Realtor the Support Team will be in place!

Even though it is not a human part of the Team, but great technology like DocuSign helps a great deal tooJ

Someone sent me a video which is shorter than one minute and this video clearly demonstrates my point how critical a team is not only in Real Estate but any business or sport that requires dependence on other members to have a SUCCESSFUL RESULT. Check it out and hope you agree with my illustrationJ

Having the Right Team


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