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Have you ever been blocked by an Associate on Active Rain? Also WHY?

Posted on Jan 21, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Have you  ever been blocked by an Associate on Active Rain?

Well the strangest turn of event has taken place. I was blocked by a Member that I do not even know. Those of you who know me and read some or all of my blog posts, know I am relatively main stream. I try not to do any political posts, not too many religious posts. I am controversial at times, because I call it as I see it.

Since I have been on Active Rain that is around the summer of 2008 I have always made sure that I commented back to anyone who has took the effort to comment on my blogs. Not only do I respond I usually return the favor by commenting on the other person’s post as well. So I consider myself mostly polite in my activities.


If I think when something should not be said in a public forum I usually write a private email to the person, whether it is a typo on their blogs or I thought something was incorrect or I just blatantly disagree. This of course does not happen too often. Interestingly some people take the courtesy and respond back others do not. Either way life goes on.


I can only recall twice  that someone either took me off as an “Associate” or indicated that they did not want to be Associated with me. I found it interesting that they would take the trouble to let me know and not give a reason when I asked why?


Now let me be clear, I have lost readers, I know for a fact since they stopped coming over to my Blog Post and giving supportive or reinforcing comments. I miss the interaction never the less I understand that we have either out grown each other or just plain moved on. Then there were others who might have had their nose out of joint because of one reason or another. Then again there were others that life has taken them in different direction.

Either way I wonder WHY? Now with that said, hope this post will not offend you. I was just thinking out loud and wondering WHY? At the same time I was wondering if you stopped reading other Active Rain Members post what made you do that. Also have you blocked anyone? Why? Anyway wishing you all a busy week and success!


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