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Did you ever hear of John Green? How about The Fault in our Stars?

Posted on Apr 13, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you ever hear of John Green? How about the Fault in our Stars?

Well today I was walking around the Los Angeles Festival of Books and I saw an incredibly long line of people who were trying to get in to see this author speak inside one of the largest auditoriums at USC. The crowd mostly consisted of young adult females mixed with older people and young men. So I asked who these people are waiting to see inside.  I was told by one of the young men that it was: John Green. Needless to say he saw the blank stare in my eyes and said he emphasized that John Green is  a really great writer and mentioned a couple of his books: The Fault in our  Stars, Looking for Alaska and I could go on and on. Needless to say I had the same blank stare; the young man smiled and said oh well you might want to check him out.

John Green Author, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

So then I immediately sent an email to Diane, since I did not want to text her, since she is always over her limit of texting. I got an immediate response back: “…well who you think I am trying to hear this morning?” …having had my answer I understood that the book that was on her side of the bed was that “blue covered book “The Fault in Our Stars”… with that information off I went to the “Cooking Stage” but that is food for another Blog Post.  About an hour or so later I get an email from Diane, that she would like me to get to the signing part of the place where I saw this massive line. She is still at the auditorium and wants John Green to sign her book…

The Fault in our Stars, John Green, Los Angels Realtor Endre Barath

As soon as I finished listening to my Chef to be named later, I head over to the Signing Area. So what do I find no exaggeration close to a couple thousand young adults sprinkled with some old adults…. Diane and I connect and from 1:30pm we meandered along the lines to finally around 4:45pm when we finally meet John Green. Truly a gracious author, who decided to stay for all his fans that wanted his book to be signed…,.

John Green, Diane DeJoie, Endre Barath

Needless to say all the fans were thrilled and my curiosity peaked. So here is a book I have never heard of, now I must readJ on a side note most authors are asked to stay at least an hour to sign their books. John Green was a class act, he stayed until every one of his fans was able to meet him and sign the book they had in their hand.

John Green & Diane DeJoie, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

I wish there were more authors like John Green who truly appreciate their fan base and give back.

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