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Did you ever have the’ hungry horrors’?

Posted on Sep 15, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Did you ever have the’ hungry horrors’?

Did you ever have the ‘hungry horrors’? IF you did, then you can relate to my experience.

 This past Saturday, we were driving back from Palmdale, CA. As you might know there is a number of animal safe havens, hence the visit to Palmdale, CA) at the same time I was checking out the number of for sale signs. It seemed there was less for sale signs, than a few months ago. Sadly there were more for sale signs than Joshua Trees.

Anyway, I was starving so on the way back to Marina Del Rey, CA.  I saw this really great Water Tower with a McDonald’s Logo. Had to pull off the 14 highway and satisfy my hunger as well as my curiosity of this place.

After my large fries and chicken sandwich and the viewing of this Western Style McDonalds, we were back on the road towards Los Angeles.

So if you are near this area, please check it out.

Mc Donald’s 3750 Sierra Hwy, Acton, CA (661) 269-4008


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