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Commentary: Believing is good! Ask and you might receive!

Posted on Oct 19, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Commentary: Believing is good! Ask and you might receive!

As most of you, who know me well, are aware that I am a huge Red Sox Fan. Diane’s parents last year got me some Scratch Tickets from the Massachusetts Lottery. The Prizes Values were huge…needless to say I did not win the large prizes from $1k-$1m.  There was an opportunity to win some second chance prices from large amounts of cash to season ticket to the Red Sox Games and I could go on and on. In order to win the tickets had to be filled out and returned to a mail box. Needless to say, against Diane’s advice, I filled some of the Tickets out and mailed them in…

relocation specialist Endre Barath,Jr. Realtor in Los Angeles

Fast forward to about a month ago, (shortly before we went to Boston, MA for vacation & of course the Last Home Game of the season as you know we were there ) I received a letter congratulating me, that I won in the second chance drawing some Red Sox  Gear and Memorabilia. I was very excited and left for vacation.

relocation specialist Endre Barath,Jr. Realtor in Los Angeles

When we returned I received a Certified Letter if I do not send in my choices quickly I will lose the Prizes. Needless to say I had to fill out sizes styles and send it back via Certified Mail. Diane was making fun of me that I am going through all these gyrations for what reason?

relocation specialist in Los Angeles, Endre Barath

I have always been a believer and a positive person, most of what I asked in life I generally got with some minor exceptions. I wanted to win in this Lottery Drawing and I did. So the message here is if you believe in something and ask for something, the odds are good you will receive what you wished for! Well you saw the pictures that I included here.

Relocation Specialist in Malibu, CA Endre Barath,JR

Tell me if I am wrong?  J


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