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Breaking News: Reports that the Fed will monitor your Blog & Tweets

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Breaking News: Reports that the Fed will monitor your Blog & Tweets

One of the biggest benefits of being an American Citizen is the Freedom of Speech. Quietly and slowly one of the most important Rights we possess is being eroded. (I do not care if you are a conservative or a liberal from your political views.) What I care about is the fact that I do not want to live under a dictatorial regime. I did not and do not like Communism, nor Fascism or Nazism. In a nutshell any type of Government that restricts freedom of expression is not where I want to live under.

Now that you know how I feel, let me focus on this event that is being quietly imposed under the radar of every American.

Google Immage of Ben Bernanke US FED CHAIRMAN

The Federal Reserve has not only decided but more importantly is planning on monitoring all forms of social media. The ‘pretences’ they are using is that ‘…they want to reach out to key bloggers and influencer…” and at the same time “…they want to monitor any and all public online conversations about the Fed…” WOW this is outrageous welcome to 1930’s Germany or post 1945 Hungary and the Iron Curtain.

So if you have been badmouthing the Fed Chairman and his cohorts about their inept ways of handling the Economy or any negative criticism about them, be warned. This privilege will be taken away from you. First they will start monitoring Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online forums as well as aggregate outlets like the Wall Street Journal, CNN or even Active Rain for all I know.

boy with taped mouth

If you read world history, you will agree with me that this is how it starts first monitoring, than it escalates to censure and ultimately prison and even death.

censored mind

I am of the firm belief that the Fed Chairman and his Cohorts should be focusing on fixing the economy that they were so instrumental in destroying when they kept raising the interest rates instead of thought control. As a Beverly Hills Realtor who has been affected by their incompetence I am outraged. I have seen Southwest Los Angeles real estate prices dropping 40%-50% in the past two years. Many good people losing their homes and struggling to make ends meet. West Los Angeles has been affected to the tune of 25% price drops as well. Many of us Realtors are struggling trying to survive as well. So with that said, everyone should be as outraged as I am and let your politicians know that we do not want  the Fed to monitor or worse take away our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech.


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