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Armageddon! Carmageddon! Part One Finished!

Posted on Jul 26, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Armageddon! Carmageddon! Part One Finished!

The After action Report is here. The big hype was very good, Angelinos behaved well and it was like being on another country. The roads and freeways were empty. Some Angelinos took advantage of $4.05 flights to get out of town; others went to Restaurants and paid $4.05 for hamburger meals. There was a lot of creative marketing being done to commemorate the closing of the 405 Freeway.

405 Bridge after Carmageddon Part 1

Any residents of Los Angeles and vicinity took my advice and stayed by their pools. Some stayed in their pool homes; others stayed in their Condominium Complex by the pool or went away for the weekend. So this was all good news. I enjoyed watching the empty streets on the news.

carmageddon  half a bridge

Thanks to watching the news I discovered that this was just Part One. Next year we will have Part Two of Cramageddon! They only took half the bridge down. Please do not ask me why? I am sure they had good reasons. How else could they torture Angelinos for another year?

Traffic after Carmageddon on the 405 Freeway

Needless to say here are some pictures of everything being back to “normal” traffic is unbearable again and it takes 45 minutes to go 6-7 miles and we can look forward to next year, when they will take the rest of the bridge down.

405 Freeway Normal Traffic

Now that I am armed with this knowledge I will look forward to my two days off from conducting Real Estate in Los Angeles, CA. next year.

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