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Anthony Richard Conigliaro: Red Sox Outfielder of “The Impossible….

Posted on May 19, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Anthony Richard Conigliaro: Red Sox Outfielder of “The Impossible Dream” season of 1967

If you are a Baseball Fan and more importantly a Red Sox fan then the name Tony C. is part of your vocabulary and he is engraved in your memory forever.( A sad story)

 He was the only Major League Ball player to have had 24 home runs as a teenager as a Professional Ball Player. Tony was a heart throb to all the girls.

Tony Conigliaro, Endre Barath Boston Red Sox Fan, Los Angeles Realtor


 Sadly he was hit by a pitch and his career was never the same again. He came back a year and a half after his injury and played for a few years with the Red Sox and even the Angels.

Tony C was Massachusetts born and raised and died too soon at the age of 45. Those of you who read my blog posts know that I was this past few days in Malden, MA. I found his Grave, if I might say a relatively non descript grave site at Holy Cross Cemetery, with a couple of Baseball Bats Crossed and a couple Baseballs on  top of his grave.

Tony C Red Sox Outfielder, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

Now a certain part of Fenway Park is named after Tony C and it is called “Conig’s Corner”  in addition an award is also given to certain players Mayor League Ball Players who overcome some insurmountable obstacles and return to play professional ball.  This award was started in the year 1990 shortly after his death. Interestingly John Lackey ex -Angel’s pitcher  and now Red Sox pitcher received the Tony C award in 2013! The award has been presented every year by his two brothers Billy & Richie Conigliaro to the award recipient. Tony C will live on forever in Baseball History!

Tony C's Grave, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor


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