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1345 Beverly Estates Dr. Beverly Hills CA, 90210 (PO) SOLD!

Posted on May 19, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

1345 Beverly Estates Dr. Beverly Hills CA, 90210 (PO) SOLD!

 As Realtors we like to be proud of all of our accomplishments. In my case I am especially proud of this sale. This is a vacant land in Beverly Hills Post Office, (90210 zip code). I had the listing on and off for about five years. The sellers have turned down many offers. This time they accepted it. Hurrah for everyone.

This Land is Extra Special to me. There used to be a house on it many years ago. The land decided to move and the house slipped off. The ramification, it became a challenge to sell it. The fortification of this view, down slope lot will cost anywhere from $600,000 to $1million before one can begin to build on it. (Depending which Developer you talked to, they had these figures to throw out at me)

This information came based on a Geological Study, which was done in the early 1980’s. I have faxed the documents to at least 50 developers over the years and most walked away and few wrote low offers which the seller rejected. Representing the seller many times I was ready to give back the listing due to frustration. I persevered and so did the sellers.

So 2010 comes along, after one of the worst economic disaster years, consumer confidence is starting to return and I see nearby construction going on, hence I replant my for sale sign on the Land. Still not listed actively in the MLS, I receive a call from a fellow agent stating he has an offer. The rest is history.

Every time I think about it, this confirms to me that there is a buyer for every property, sometimes it just takes a while to find it.

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