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0 Tipton Way (two lots) in Escrow: What a story, well worth the read!

Posted on Oct 13, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

0 Tipton Way (two lots) in Escrow: What a story, well worth the read!


I find that this blog post has many layers of interesting events which caused this property to be placed in Escrow and I wanted to share.


 One of the benefits was that I was the Listing Agent on Tipton Way (a vacant lot). Clearly I have aggressively marketed the lot on almost every internet portal. In return I was rewarded with many inquiries and potential buyers.


 This benefit turned into a very interesting situation.  For those of you who do not know, I always insist on placing a Yard Sign on the property, even though often times the only people who would see it would be the buyers who actually go to the site.  I like the idea that sometimes neighbors tell their friends about the property being on the market and they become my best friends. Well the long and short of it in this instance the neighbor is also selling his lot via FSBO. He contacted me one day, not to represent him just to let me know his price and location.

Beverly Hills Realtor Endre Barath


There was another agent who has been trying to market two lots nearby without much success. Part of it I attribute to the fact that there were no pictures or description, but that is food for another post. Needless to say all he had was a Plat map, while I have inundated the internet with many pictures and descriptions.

plat map Endre Barath Land Expert

The buyer went to the property; saw the neighbor’s cardboard sign FISBO and my sign. Turned out he liked the other agent’s listing more than mine and the FISBO’s, but in turn he reached out to me because of my sign and the conversation he had with the FISBOJ.


So here we are we are in Escrow on the two lots. Hopefully I will get a buyer for my listing soonJ and maybe the FISBO will list with me as well.  Keep in mind the two lots together are listed for under $100,000. So it is not always about the money rather it is about marketing and good service!


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