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Woody’s Barbeque: a Los Angeles family owned Barbeque Institution!

Posted on May 31, 2011 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Woody’s Barbeque:  a Los Angeles family owned Barbeque Institution!

woody's barbeque

The first Woody’s Barbeque ( )  was opened about 30+ years ago on Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles. As you can see customer loyalty is still there.

Woody's Barbeque

Woody Phillips of Woody’s Barbeque felt that his ability to cook was a gift from God. He never used chemicals, electricity or gas to make his barbeque. He used a brick pit which he designed after the old-fashioned barbeques which used to be dug in the ground. He is a firm believer to have fall of the bone meat you need to do slow cooking. He keeps the secret of his preparation a family secret. I will try to learn the secret somehow.

woody's on Slauson Ave los angeles

His client base consists of young and old, rich and famous. Some of Hollywood’s well knows like Denzel Washington and Samuel Jackson to name a few. Woody is a member of the Urban League and the NAACP and he constantly gives back to the local community.

Woody's Barbeque a Los Angeles Institution

I have been going to Woody’s since I moved to Los Angeles and had my Second Listing on 43rd Street. I have been a regular over the years have seen Realtors as well as the cross section of Society. He specializes in Barbeque ribs, chicken and beef and his side dishes consist of greens, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie to name a few items of the menu.

Endre Barath eating Woody's Barbeque Take out

Hope you enjoyed this little history of a Los Angeles Barbeque Landmark. By the way this is the answer to my previous post (  )

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