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Wired Puppy Specialty Coffee & Tea on Newbury St. in Boston, MA

Posted on Aug 12, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

The Wired Puppy Specialty Coffee & Tea  on Newbury St in Boston, MA 02116. You might ask how did I discover this great Coffee Shop? Well it is what I call coincidence.


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The night we arrived in Boston (3hrs late) thanks to a huge storm, we immediately went to the Hotel, where we have stayed the last couple of times: The Back Bay Sheraton. The waiter, whom I have known for over 20 years greeted us as old friends….anyway we scarfed some food down before the kitchen closed…Diane wanted to walk of the food. So we took a stroll on Newbury St. Then we noticed the WIRED PUPPY a Specialty Coffee and Tea establishment. As most of you know I am a coffee snob and love the small independent or local gourmet coffee places.

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My interest was perked immediately and I was looking forward to the opportunity to try their coffee. Needless to say I was not disappointed. The place is tucked away almost on the corner of Gloucester St & Newbury St.

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Once you go down the steps you are in a Barista Heaven. The establishment has talented and courteous staff. They are environmentally conscious and make a fantastic  coffee. I tried their latte and was not disappointed. They are also providing free Wi-Fi and even free use of computers to their patrons. Their prices are competitive with the ordinary big chain trendy coffee chain. Their flavors are hands down better

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I also found out that this is their second coffee shop.  The original one is in Provincetown, MA on  Cape Cod.  So should you be in Provincetown MA stop in at 379 Commercial Street and enjoy a great cup of coffee or espresso or a Latte. If you are in Boston, MA 250 Newbury Street is your destination to get some great coffee!  not only is it a great coffee shop but caters to the pet friendly crowd in Cape Cod and Boston, MA so as a pet friendly Realtor I appreciate this even more!




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