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Wine Pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner: No need to stress!

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Wine Pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner: No need to stress!

Thanksgiving Turkey, Endre Barath, Los Angeles Realtor


Over the years, I have been flattered to be asked to do a blog post suggesting wine pairings with the recipes that I write about.  I have always side stepped the issue, preferring to write separate posts about wines.   Many of my readers have asked why not put the two together?


Allow me a moment to digress. I have always found that people who do wine tastings and are mostly “purists” are similar to university professors, telling you ‘how’ to taste and using different techniques for tasting, etc. They also suggest what foods to pair the wines with. By no means am I a wine professor, I am simply a greater Los Angeles Realtor who enjoys good food and good wine.  


Many people who enjoy wine with their meal are like me. My wine varies with my wine budget. When I sell a lot, my price point increases, and when Diane wants to curb the budget then my wine price points decrease, that’s when I really get to hunt for the value.


With that said, the best advice I can give is: do not stress about the wine – drink the wine you like. If you like white, then drink white, if you like red then drink redJ. This is my over-simplified advice. To be a little more specific, because there are so many varieties of food at the Thanksgiving table, do not think of only pairing the wine with the Turkey, think of all the side dishes as well.


 There are three or four red and white wines that would go very well with the Thanksgiving meal in my opinion:

Thanksgiving Wine, Endre Barath


Whites:  1. A Sauvignon Blanc, 2. A Gewürztraminer, 3. an Albarino and/or 4. a Dry Riesling.  All are good choices.  Needless to say, within these categories you will have a large selection from which to choose. They are based one’s likes and budget as well as geographic area preferences.


Reds:   1. Pinot Noir, 2. Cabernet Franc, 3. Zinfandel (red- I am adding this note to the true novice not to be confused with white zinfandel) or 4. Beaujolais Cru (not to be confused with the Nouveau, but that will work as well). A word of caution with the reds – keep the wines with minimal tannins otherwise your guests will think that your Turkey is dryJ even if it is perfectly prepared; save the reds with heavy tannins for a red meat or pasta dinner.

Thanksgiving Red Wine, Endre Barath Los Angeles Realtor

Keep in mind you are not going for the Sommelier’s  exam, you are here to  entertain and enjoy friends and family, so drink and eat what you like.  I would suggest having more than one bottle of each type in case they are well received. And don’t forget – do it in moderationJ


If you do not need wine advice, but want real estate help in buying or selling please reach out to me directly. 


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