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Why do you need Title Insurance? Here are 10 Reasons

Posted on Mar 30, 2009 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Many first time buyers ask, why do we need Title Insurance? What are the benefits? In California it is customary that the seller pays the Title Insurance and if the buyer has a loan, all the buyer has to do is to pay the Loan Tie-in fee’s portions. Here are ten very important reasons, why you need Title Insurance:


  1. Title Insurance will protect you against a loss on your home or land due to a title defect.
  2. A deed or mortgage in the chain of title may be a forgery.
  3. Claims arise due to marital status and validity of divorces.
  4. A deed or mortgage may have been made by an under-aged or incompetent person.
  5. A deed or mortgage made under an expired power of attorney may be void.
  6. A deed or mortgage may have been made by a person with the same name as the owner.
  7. A child born after the execution of a will may have interest in the property.
  8. Title transferred by an heir may be subject to a federal estate tax lien.
  9. Title Insurance reimburses you for the amount of your covered loss.
  10.  A title policy is paid in full by the first premium for as long as you own the property.

  I will come up with another ten more reasons next week. These ten reasons alone should be enough incentive to get Title insurance. If you are not convinced ask any Escrow Officer or Attorney what their advice would be. The answer will be unanimous, this is not where you would want to take a short cut in one of your biggest investments of your life.

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