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Why Are You on AR? When did you Truly join AR?Reflections of a relatively Newbee on AR

Posted on Nov 9, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I need to ask you, why are you on AR? What are you looking for? What do you want to achieve? What is your purpose on AR?  I want to share and tell you that my goal and purpose is. I want Referrals, new clients and more business.

I have evolved and grown on AR. Initially I was one who just joined, then learned, faltered and has grown and is still learning and growing on AR. I have always been a slow learner. Nothing came easy; everything came always the hard way. The good news it was/is memorable.:))) 

I have been on AR since …..then I did not understand what it was about. I just thought this was another great place to put my name and contact information on it and see what happens, maybe I will benefit and get some additional clients….

 I consider September 2008 as my true joining of AR. Cautiously gingerly I started reading Posts then made some comments……Then I began to learn. I learned about the difference between a Blog, a Post and a Comment.  I started to learn about outside vs. inside blog. I did not see myself as a Blogger, someone who would put his heart and soul out for every one to Read. I felt safe just commenting. Look at me today; I have numerous posts and comments…. 

Somewhere along this Road I picked up some new friends, lots of knowledge and some people, who do not know me, misunderstand me, because I am outspoken and say what I mean. I have found some friends, others who have dropped to mere acquaintances and others elevated to true friends. BTW I have barely been here four months. 

So with that said:  when did you truly join AR? What have you received? What have you given to the community?

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