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Why are foreign Nationals so interested in our Election?Why do they proselytize about our candidates?

Posted on Nov 2, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

I told myself I will not do a post about Politics on AR. So this is not a Political Statement it is a question and an observation. I am not trying to be contraversial,  I am just courious.

I am so amazed and puzzled, why is our Election is so fascinating to foreign nationals who can not vote in our election process? My question is directed at some of our Canadian cousins & friends who have posted political positions on AR. Why do they feel obligated to proselytize via posts and comments on AR and other venues? How many of us average American citizens know who is running for a political position in Canada, Germany, France and other countries? How many of us actually care about what political positions those unnamed candidates have? How many of us feel the urge to actually try to convert some of those country’s citizenry or just blatantly take positions on one candidate or another? 

 Furthermore if we did know about those candidates and we did chose to taken positions and expressed to those countries citizenry the views we have, tell me how many of them would take offense and consider us meddling in their affairs? 

So please educate this curious, wondering American Citizen first and Realtor second, with your comments. How is this different?

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