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Who is the Mystery Man in the Scottie Pippen Malibu, CA altercation?

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments


Who is the Mystery Man in the Scottie Pippen Malibu, CA  altercation?


As most of you heard on the news that Scottie Pippen former Chicago MBA player , a  Michael Jordan’s team mate of the Dream Team, was involved in some altercation outside Nobu’s Parking lot in Malibu.  As some of you know NOBU is a great Sushi Restaurant (of Matsuhisa the Uber Chef and De Niro the actor’s fame).


Everyone has been focusing on Pippen, NOBU and now Celebrity Attorney Mark Garagos. There are various versions of what happened in this great Ocean View Malibu Restaurant’s Parking lot. No one took a picture of the mystery man. No one knows his name. Well thanks to a local Realtor Endre Barath, Jr. who happened to be in Malibu, CA and had camera in handJ here is the picture maybe or maybe not J

Ocean view homes in Malibu, CA Endre Barath

Is this the man who was in the altercation? Well he does not seem injured in the face? Maybe the media has it backwards? Maybe he punched Scottie Pippen? Well you be the judge. Anyway here is the scene of the crime and a potential mystery manJ


 ocean view condominiums in Malibu CA Endre Barath


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