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Who hosts your Website? Who handles your Emails? What is DNS?

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

Who is your Website Host? Who handles your Emails? What is a DNS? What is good Customer Service? Many questions are running through my head. As your read this, you are probably wondering what prompted these questions?

Since the beginning of the New Year I have had been hampered with tech issues. It started out on January 1st, I received an email from an old client who wanted me to make me aware that my website was down. She was gracious enough to send me an email from France that she thinks the problem is with my Domain being expired. She discovered it as she tried to read my monthly Newsletter and decided to click on my web link. Needless to say it was at 11:30pm here in Marina Del Rey and a phone call to turned into an unusual authentication drama and by about 1:00am we finally got it sorted out.

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For the past two days I have been having problems with my E-mails. Logging in has been difficult, then when I log in, the emails do not want to load up or they move at an extremely slow and frustrating way. I have been stressing about this now for two business days. This brought up the question, what can I do? Do I have options? What are my options?

Being a Realtor, I understand that when clients are not satisfied they can and will go to someone who can provide them with good service.

That brings up another point: What is good service? My take is simply clear communication, fast response and correcting the problem as expeditiously as possible and keep the client informed.

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So I am just thinking out loud, let me know where I am going wrong. When a web site is down it would be nice to be notified at least a few days before via email that if you do not renew you will not be on the World Wide Web. Seems to me it would be in the best interest of the company to make sure I will renew.  After all it translates to revenue to them. When my listing is about to expire, I try to reach out to my sellers and discuss extending the listing. In other words I would be salvaging the listing with the hopes of ultimately selling the property. Why would it be different for big company like

So when they are aware that there are issues with the Email Servers, why not send out a quick note: we are aware that there is a problem as soon as we identify it we will give you and update and let you know how fast we anticipate the issues to be resolved

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Why wait until thousands of disgruntled clients start calling and jamming the phone lines which takes away resources from other areas to calm down the clients? Why does it come to this? All could have been avoided.


So a multitude of questions were running through my head and I figured the best place to turn to and ask is this Community for answers! So with that said: who is your E-mail Carrier? Who hosts your website? How satisfied are you with their service? Please share with me when you have a moment!


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