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Where would you prefer to live in Bel Air, CA, or Malibu CA?

Posted on Oct 6, 2010 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 Where would you prefer to live in Bel Air, CA, or Malibu CA? There are so many neighborhoods to choose from in the greater Los Angeles area.  If you are considering moving from any part of the world to Southern California, where would you want to live and why?  It is not about money, it is about a life style. In no particular order, I will give you small tidbits about these fantastic, super desirable locations to help you decide. So if you are relocating or just want another Trophy Home in your collection this should help you to decide?

Picture by Mike Downey

Bel Air boasted of quite a few famous residents inside the West & East Gates of Bel Air. Frank Sinatra, Ronald Regan and Elizabeth Taylor just come to mind immediately. Bel Air offers large panoramic view homes of Century City and Downtown Los Angeles. Some of Los Angeles’ largest Estates are here. Some of the world’s power brokers live here amongst the Hollywood A-list. They are in an almost secluded and magical lifestyle in these extraordinary sanctuaries of the Mansions of Bel Air.

Malibu has had its share of recognizable residents such as Johnny Carson, Charles Bronson, Barbara Streisand and Cher to name a few. Here you have the Ocean as your back yard. Not so bad if you prefer sleeping to the sound of the waves over the views of downtown Los Angeles or Century City.

picture by Ben

So if you cannot decide between Ocean View homes that have the beach as the back yard. Then come down for a week and I will help you in your decision.

If you are a consumer  who is considering buying  or selling  a home, investment real estate, vacation homes, or beach properties in Southern California, Los Angeles, Century City, Westwood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, Venice or Malibu. Feel Free to give me a call at 310.486.1002 (USA) or email me at  or visit one of my websites at  Your Pet Friendly Realtor. I contribute a portion of my commission to Local Animal Rescue Organizations.



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