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When Your Email & Your Website are down what do you do?

Posted on Apr 17, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

So when your email & your Website are down what do you do? Endre Barath, Beverly Hills Realtor  wants to know!

I am experiencing a situation that I can hardly write about. Five years ago this happened once, that my website and the emails were down for a few hours. Currently as we speak I am not getting my emails nor is my website  available to the public. Unfortunately neither my clients nor anyone who is trying to reach me can do that outside of calling me on my phone or texting me.

For being so dependent on email communication and having a large international client base is making this a very frustrating time for me. Clearly there are some red flags here I need to fix immediately.

Red Flags, Endre Barath, Beverly Hills Realtor

Clearly this is a good time for me to revisit how I can prevent this situation i.e.:  that this does not happen again. My website host’s servers are down. In turn my email is down because my website is not pointing the MX Records to Go Daddy Dot Com who is hosting my emails; therefore I currently am not receiving any emails.

Many years ago I switched my email from the since they were pretty unreliable and had many intermittent outages.  Clearly I was concerned about the effect it had on my client service and client communication and my overall business.

Today as I am in the middle of negotiating with a client who is in China and we are trying to buy a property here in Los Angeles, this makes it slightly frustrating.

So now let me share with you what I started doing to get proactive:

1.        I have been trying to recover my old Gmail Account endre   which I have not used in over six or seven years. Needless to say I am not tech savvy enough to do that,  because there is a person in Hungary who has the same name as mine but he has  EndreBara’  which is unfortunately  Google is not differentiating between my name and the Hungarian person with the  accent on the second “a”. Go figure the challenges we encounter.

2.       So with that said I have created a new Gmail address. This one actually works now!  is my new temporary email so I can conduct business until the original comes back on line!

3.       So at the same time I am notifying most of my client base who might be trying to reach out to me as we speak. There are about 30+/- who are immediately in need of my new/temporary email.

So with that said what else should I do? What would you do in this situation? Yes I know I could read a book, watch sports, enjoy dinner and hope for the best. Seriously what advice would you give me?

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