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When do you know you are ready to buy a home?It is like learning to…

Posted on May 31, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

When do you know you are ready to buy a home?  It is like learning to swim: you will know! This post was inspired by one of my Active Rain friends asking the question: when will you be ready to swim?

For many people this is the age old question: when do you know that you are ready to buy a home? The answer is: you will know! Clearly the answer is not as simple as it sounds.

For most people there are concerns on many levels. Do they have enough cash down payment to afford the monthly mortgage, taxes and insurance? Do they feel they can handle the responsibility of home ownership? These and many similar questions are not only valid and but it is key in determining the motivation whether you are they ready to swim or not? A question metaphorically raised by individuals who are contemplating a home purchase.

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Some people contemplate or should I say focus on making a change, because they are unhappy where they are living. For example some of this unhappiness is created by their landlord who  keeps raising their rent and not responding to concerns or issues reference, noise, safety, security and maintenance to name a few  of the points.

Then there are others who see that people around them who rent remain in a vicious cycle of not having the ability to save up more money for a down payment, because the rents are increasing and so are all the cost of living items. Hence they keep watching as prices of homes are increasing and decide they better buy now, or they will be totally priced out of the market.

There are potential buyers who are concerned that the interest rates will skyrocket and they will never have the opportunity to buy a home based on their income and family situation, so they decide it is time to buy a home.

My parents got tired of Landlords telling them what they could or could not do. Then to boot the continuous rent increases were annoying too. Hence my father decided to take the jump in buying a home. That was one of the best decision he made in his life, at least he used to tell me this over and overJ.

 Now with that said:  When did I decide it was time to take the proverbial “dive” into home ownership? Having been in three different Universities and then joining the US Army and traveling on my own for about five years, I could safely say I have been independent and on my own for about ten years.

I returned home to my parents’ home to. Keep in mind my bedroom was converted to my mother’s art studio. Needless to say not wanting to disrupt her private domain I moved into my father’s office. Add to this, I just returned from Germany as an Airborne Ranger, Infantry Captain and a  Veteran  not just of the military but of lots of fun times all over the US and EuropeJ.

After about two weeks I knew it was time to buy my own home! Not having saved any money because of the fun I had all over the world, my father agreed as well it was time for me to have my own home. He graciously provided me with the down payment for my home as well as the closing costs. So like I said in the beginning of this post “You will know when it is time”J

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