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What would you have done? A great story and it has a happy ending!

Posted on May 23, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What would you have done? A great story and it has a happy ending!

Well as we all know in the real estate business there is always drama. When you are in a Real Estate Sale and Escrow transaction, the odds are high that there will be something you were not prepared for. This was no different; with the exception it had a different twist.

I received an offer on my 12220 Kristopher Pl listing and after we negotiated the salient points, it was inspection time. The buyers did every inspection imaginable, Physical, Fireplace, Sewer, Electric, Air conditioning etc. you get the picture. It was a great house so I was not too concerned…. The Sellers kept the house in good shape.

12220 Kristopher Pl Northridge,CA

I was strolling along with the Termite Inspector and we entered the Wine Cellar…long and behold at the bottom of the wine shelves we discover two bottles of wine.

Insignia Wine Joseph Phelps Vieyards

 I immediately sent a picture to the seller who is living now in Wine Country and asked him what he would like me to do with the two bottles? ‘…Do you want me to Fed/Ex it…’ He responds back in about 30 minutes and told me , “…FYI the wine is a Wine Spectator 92 Pointer and depending where you get it if you can get it is worth $300 -$500 per bottle, please try it out see if it is still good and if it is then drink the second one on a special occasion…”


How many of you can say you had such a response from a seller. What a happy ending. BTW we had some friends visiting from Boston, MA so we took them to a great Restaurant. One of my favorite local places Café Del Rey ( we shared a fantastic bottle of wine for a $20 corkage fee.


I told the seller what a great wine it was and how appreciative we all were to be allowed to share it.


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