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What language do you speak: Buyer’s, Seller’s or your own?

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What language do you speak: Buyers, Sellers or your own?

I find that in a Real Estate Transaction we have too many parties that have their own language. I am a big believer of keeping things simple. I understand that abbreviations are great for the people who do similar functions day in and day out. Title Officers, Escrow Officers, Lenders and Realtors they all have their own language.

hungarian speaking Realtor in Los Angeles area Endre Barath

 Now let’s get realistic the buyers consist of first time buyers, buyers who are moving up, buyers who are downsizing. There have been studies done that generally a Real Estate transaction takes place every seven years. Keep in mind when the economy is challenging like it has been in the past couple of years that average increases. So what are the odds that your buyers and sellers will know these abbreviations?

german speaking realtor in the greater Los Angeles Area Endre Barath

My take is, very slim, therefore if we want to relieve stress from a Real Estate Transaction we need to speak the language that buyers and sellers understand. There is no need to add extra stress for them by not understanding the various terms.

Magyarul Beszelo ingatlan Los Angeles kornyeken Endre Barath

Take my word, I had to learn German & English as my second and third language and it was stressful until I could converse in my new language, because Hungarian was my first language. Now I have also learned Technical Languages, Computer Languages and Internet languages. So I consider myself speaking at least five or six languages. Keep in mind and I was not buying the most expensive purchase of my life, so add that to the equation.

international Real Estate Agent in Beverly Hills Endre Barath

I will give you a few examples abbreviations that are being used every day in our business.  Some words you will know, others you will not, and hence you can imagine how your clients will feel. Trust me it is cool to be clear and it might even insure that you will close the transaction much smoother and you might even get referrals for making the process go so smoothly!


So here we go I will start with the easier ones and work my way up to the more challenging ones:

MLS,NHD,9A,TDS,AVID,SWBSA,PRELIM,PCOR  you get the message, I could go on and on.


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