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What is a Vision Board? Is it just a trend? What does it really do?

Posted on Jan 31, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What is a Vision Board? Is it just a trend? What does it really do? Does it work?

When you hear people talk about Vision Boards, what come to your mind? Do think this is for individuals who need external motivation or do you think it really accomplishes something? Is this just a hip cool and trendy conversation piece or just a fad? Or is it just a Motivation Guru’s latest gimmick?

I can only speak from my own experience. I have been a dreamer all my life and very visual. When I lived in Connecticut I used to visit Boston, MA and always said I wanted to live in Boston, MA. In those days I had an American Express  Calendar Book, pre-Day TimersJ and I had a picture in the hardback portion on the last page. Before and after sales appointments I would look at the picture of the Boston Skyline as well as the John Hancock Building on Copley Square.

Fast forward and a couple years later amazingly I was working in Boston, MA and my office was on Copley Square with direct views of the John Hancock Building. While I was working in Boston I still had my American Express Calendar Book and on the back page I had a picture of a Southern California Beach scene.  Why you might ask? Well as much as I loved Boston, MA I had always wanted to be in California because of the weather and to live in the land of eternal sunshine!

Fast forward ten years later, we moved to Los Angeles, CA and now I am about 500 yards from the Ocean living in Marina Del Rey, CA. So I never really had a vision board but I did have Goals, Dreams and I visualized them and amazingly enough they happened to become reality.

So being a skeptic of trends of nontraditional solutions or gimmicks I have never subscribed to the Theory of Vision Boards. Now with that said, maybe I should have because everything I visualized and looked at more than once a day I managed to achieve.

In conclusions:  I decided to put up two pictures by my desk which I can see every day, I have been telling Diane for years that I wanted to take her to Taormina, Italy and I wanted to go to Portofino, Italy so I guess it is high time to visualize itJ and soon take a well deserved Vacation in the near future to my visualized destinations!

Protofino,Italy, Endre Barath

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