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What event in your life/the world led you to where you are today?

Posted on Jun 3, 2014 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 Some of you  who  have known me for a while are aware, this is my First Hosting of a Contest since I have been a member of Active Rain. I guess it was long overdueJ! Now with that said:

There are some events that occur in our life time around the world, in our own country as well as in our own lives, which leave such an impression on us, and burn it into our memory that we can generally recall clearly and can pinpoint it exactly where we were, when this event occurred. These indelible impressions are few and we can generally count them on one hand if we are young and as we get older on two hands maximum.  Just to give a few examples: JFK’s & RFK’s assassination, 9-11 and a few other occurrences are clearly seared into my brain and I can recall exactly where I was when I found out.

(Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Clearly some people who happen to be in professions, near this type of events, such as the military, the police, the first responders, the hospitals and the news outlets, at the time of the event by default play a bigger role.

Never the less, the occurrence of the event leaves just as big of an impression on the ones who might be on the side lines or thousands of miles away when they hear or see the event unfolding. Some events elicit different reactions from different people and others leave deeper impressions on some than others.

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Some events are very personal and  leave an impression only on us, not necessarily on others, such as witnessing or being notified of the death of a parent or a loved one. Some events are dictated by our age, upbringing, our educational, and our cultural and or religious backgrounds.  Examples come to mind are MLK’s assassination, the attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life and the attempt on Pope John Paul 2nd  carry different reaction for different people. Clearly if you were not alive, or too young to be aware it will affect what those events are and how big of an impression it leaves on you.

So with that said I wonder, was there an event in your profession, if you are in Real Estate, Sales, Insurance, Title that left and seared in your memory which ultimately catapulted you into where you are today? IF you would like to share I am sure most of us would love to read about it.


Write a post, at least 300 words…

Put a link to your entry in the comments below

Each participant will receive 500 points

1st place will receive 2000, 2nd place 1500 and 3rd place 1000

Contest ends June 30th

There will be three esteemed Judges in the selection process of the winners: Dick Greenberg, Rene’ Fabre and Lisa Friedman.

Thank you and we  look forward to your posts.



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