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What does the Olympic Flame and Real Estate have in common?

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What does the Olympic Flame and Real Estate have in common?

As you know The XXX Olympiad will begin in London England this coming Friday.  This reminded me of the question I raised above. I still remember going to the 1972 Olympiad in Munich Germany like yesterday. Sadly it was marred with Tragedy.

Half mast world flags at the 1972 Olympic Flame


 I also wish that everyone should be able to go to one Summer or Winter Olympics in their life time. Not necessarily as a participant but at least as a spectator. I was lucky that my parents sacrificed from their wants and needs so I could go.


So now back to my question, what does the Olympic flame and Real Estate have in common? Three hollowed word that is spoken in Real Estate: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! So here is the common connection:

Ruins of the Temple of Hera

Legend has it that the ancient games were dedicated to the goddess of Hestia and they maintained a continuous flame. It was believed that at some point in time the fire was stolen from the gods by Prometheus. Hence the fire was also present at many locations in Olympia, Greece. The Olympic Games were to honor Zeus and additional fires were lit at his temple and at that of his wife, Hera.  Hence the ceremonial flame is always lit in front of the ruins of the Temple of Hera in Olympia, Greece!

immage of the ruins of the Temple of Hera


This tradition is to symbolize the connection between the ancient and the modern Olympic Games, the LOCATION! So the next time you see the Olympic Flame please remember that there is a Real Estate Connection!


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