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What do you use as a reference when cooking?I use my private library!

Posted on Feb 2, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What do you use as a reference when cooking? I use my private libraryJ

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As most of you who read my blog, know that I love cooking and I also collect cookbooks. I have quite a few friends who send me cookbooks or give them as gift when they come and visit. Most do not want to be acknowledged, since their gift was a sincere recognition of my hobby and like when I post a meal. This post is meant to thank those who have given me cookbooks.

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Thank you for all of you who cared to spend your money and sent me a cookbook. The benefit of this is truly reaped by those of you who come visiting us and I cook something trying to impress youJ  the rest of you just get my heartfelt thank you!

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My long distance friend’s thank you for sending me books I truly appreciate it. Currently my books have a pecking order. The books on the top shelf (what used to be a counter) are my favorites. I might have to reorganize to put them by Regional Cooking. The ones I use most often are on top.

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Then there are other that are inside my book case. Needless to say I consult them constantly and then when I cook Diane always asks which cookbook this is from? So often the answer is “it is a combination of about three or four”. Keep in mind I also troll the Cooking Shows and the Cooking Network for recipes:))

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I love to eat hence I love to cookJ Please let me know if you have favorite cookbooks and which one they are? Thank you again and I really appreciate you thinking of me and sending me cookbooks. Words cannot express it, so please invite yourselves over for dinner soon!

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