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What do you love about your home and why?

Posted on Oct 29, 2013 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

What do you love about your home and why?


This question is always included when I go on a Listing Appointments:  What do you love about your home and why? The answers vary from home owner to home owner. One would think that the answers would me more uniform. Some homeowners show me their kitchen, others show me their bathrooms and then there are others who show me their back or front yards. I could go on and on. There are some home owners who like to show me their Media Room, their Gym, their Library or their Wine Cellar. Needless to say there is one common theme: There is clearly a love affair with their home or a specific part of their home.

channel in Marina Del Rey, Endre Barath

After I listen to their response, then I have the hardest follow up question to ask: Why do you want to leave your home? In other words why sell it if you love it so much? Needless to say this clearly leads to many more varied answers, which determine if the home owner really wants to sell or is just going through the motion, but does not really want to sell. (The answers could fill a book so I will not go into it here)

stream by our back yard, Endre Barath

When you have such an open dialogue sometimes the question gets turned back on me. Some of the potential sellers want to know what I love about our home. Then I think about it and realize that depending when I am asked my response can vary as well. There seems to be one common thread. I love the Resort Style Complex  with its  meandering streams, waterfalls and numerous pools, coupled with the fact that we live less than five hundred yards from the ocean. So that is the short answer.


jill & dougy watching TV

 I love living here in Marina Del Rey, CA  so much, that it takes Diane  a super human effort to  get me to go anywhere outside of our complex.  Often times she has to tell me that she read about this great Chef so we should try his foodJ that is a hint:  do not cook tomorrow! I love being at home in my office, on the laptop with my phone and being at home with the cats. Lucky for me I do not need to dress up to go to work and neither is my commute very long, from the bedroom to the home officeJ.


 ocean near our home, Endre Barath


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