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What do you consider appropriate time to respond to an e-mail?

Posted on Oct 25, 2008 by in Active Rain | 0 comments

 Where did basic manners and courtesy disappear among a few Fellow AR Realtors?

 I am very troubled by the lack of courtesy and manners some of our members in this community have. I am not referring to new members who do not necessarily know what protocol is. I am referring to some allegedly well respected members. Hence I will share my experience and you tell me if I am wrong and am over reacting. 

Before I do that, let me ask you if some one sends you and e-mail what do you consider an appropriate Response? Is it two hours, is it ten hours, and is it twenty four hours? Let me ask in a different way, does it make a difference if it is a client, or a fellow Realtor

If some one asks you would you be interested in an opportunity to talk to one of my clients at an hourly rate of $200, what would your answer be? If I told you it is about a certain Project in your Geographic Area, the only request I have is let me now if you are or are not interested, what would your response be? Initially I have identified the Consulting Firm by name and told you I get a referral fee from the Firm of $200. 

In turn in these troubled times, in the near term you can make a few hundred dollars, just by talking to my client who is a sophisticated Investor. Potentially you might be able to develop a long term relationship, based on how articulate and knowledgeable are about your area. What would your response be? How quickly would you respond?

 Knowing the fact that you can check me out on AR see whether I am for real or not. Let me know how fast or slow, or what your response would be. Now that I set the stage, I sent three e-mails out to three different locations in two States. I reached out to specific agents on AR some I knew from their Posts and Comments and some I took the trouble and read what they claim to be about. I made a judgment that they would be a good fit and then Nothing Happened. Twenty four hours later I did not even get an acknowledgement…”thank you No,I am not interested” Nothing, no response. 

I would welcome your input and thoughts.I am very dissapointed, to say the least.

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